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" I have to tell you this, I intended to just listen… But I ended up being riveted and soaked up every word… I could just feel the truth of what you were saying resonate through me. This was so good for me to do this. Especially since it went in a different direction than I originally thought, and I'm glad for that! Thank you, Coco !!! "

ME Meditation & Conscious Well-BEing Coach

Coco des Rosiers, M. Ed.

Is a Conscious Well-BEing Coach, Chief Rebel of IlluminateAbundance.com and coming soon : Return of the Spiritual Badass podcast. Her coaching program leverages ambitious women to, effortlessly, do the impossible and still have their financial freedom. 

Coco did the “Good Girl” thing, the education thing, even the “live and work in Paris” thing. She followed her passion, which lead her through an academic tenure and the corporate legal field, shattering glass ceilings and reaching a comfortable 6-figure position, yet, she was disappointed by the lack of a “Good Life” and had had enough of old school rules.

It was being a single mom of a child on the Autism Spectrum that reconnected Coco to her inner Wisdom, unblocking her Abundant flow of energy, and illuminating her Authentic, Confident and Empowering Self; all by understanding how beliefs create every experience. And her next major “leap of faith” came at her daughter’s wedding (see US page for that part of her journey). 

All this clarity liberated her from societal expectations and embrace the infinite abundance in Life. 10+ years of liberating passionate women (and men !) seeking to have it all and be a beneficial presence, unapologetically. All have undergone transformations to thrive with their stress-free livelihoods; Loving and Being what THEY want, professionally and personally ! 

Have you been pushed to have a greater impact and don’t know where to start ? Or do you still love your position, but not so much the lack of enthusiasm ? You know, the enthusiasm that once had you springing out of bed each day of the week, pumped to go into the office ?

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