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"Meditate or F*ck Success ?" FINALLY reap the benefits of meditation in 10 minutes, and NOT 10+ YEARS !


HOW you have been unconsciously asking yourself :“Meditate or F*ck My Success?”. Then unlearn your silent sabotaging beliefs that have systematically scorched your greatest opportunities for success, and, finally, reignite that Energy of yours and reclaim your Focus raising you to the next level of success…
in only 10 minutes a day !

SUCCESS : Reignited & Simplified in 4 Steps Harness your Soul-Heart-Mind Power of :

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Ultimate clarity and focus in 30 days.

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State of Mind

Establish a High Energy State of Mind that you can access at any moment. 

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Quality thoughts

Positive thoughts don’t work, however, Authentic High Energy Inner thoughts are Powerful !  

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Success largely depends on Strategy… Soul-Heart-Mind (SHM) Strategy ! When you are harness your Power of Focus and implement SHM Strategy… there are no limits to what you can do !

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“Meditate or F*ck Success ?”

“Your course is excellent. Fell in love with it. Success and Meditation ARE one in the same. Thank you, Coco !”

“The amount of effort that is put into genuinely trying to help people is amazing.
Meditation works!
Coco, thank you!”

“All the content is actionable.
Totally recommended!”

“Re-Energized and growing my business has never been this easy and it’s all thanks to meditating!?!
Thank you!”

  • Great Course, Highly Recommend

    I was very excited about the variety of methods used to create the opportunity for self discovery and learning, and even more impressed to find them all in one program. The Q&A calls were full of support and really helped bring the learning together for me. This class was exactly what I was looking for!
    Thank you, Coco.

    Great Course, Highly Recommend
  • Totally Recommended!

    I’m really glad I did your program and got the kind of clarity I needed to move forward in other areas of my life, too, which was a huge bonus. There really isn’t anyone else out there doing what you’re doing! Thank you, Coco!

    Totally Recommended!
    T. L.
  • Perfect. No fluff.

    This program is transformative.  I had to be completely honest with myself, and really examine my beliefs.  But it helped me develop a new sense of self compassion and trust, which renewed my motivation and passion.  It’s not just about finding freedom with success and meditation, it’s about finding freedom in life.

    Perfect. No fluff.
  • The Best!

    I had tried meditating, before, but didn't feel like I got anything out of it. Thanks to your course (and no woo-woo)  Coco, I get it! And now I enjoy peace of mind... so does my wife ! (BTW, She thanks you, too!)

    The Best!

Coco des Rosiers, M.Ed. The Spiritual Badass

You don’t need to scorch your dreams in the name of success.  Let me share a personal experience with you…
It was at my daughter’s wedding, as my former husband, her father, delivered a beautiful presentation from our daughter’s younger years, even publicly announcing the “wonderful job I did raising her on my own”, and it was upon hearing him speak these words, I was crushed. It was in that moment that I realized he did appreciate all I did for them AND there were no photos of her and I, together, even though she has always been the World to me.
No parent should ever look back on their child’s growing years and have so few memories with themselves in it, because they were too busy doing everything by themselves, single-handedly. And this is true for anyone ! Whatever Your “crushing” Moments are… (because there are MANY !) We don’t need to scorch our dreams in the name of success. THIS is why I am committed to sharing with you, simple, yet Powerful Meditation Tools that will help you pivot from experiencing the crushing moments and raise you up to Your success ! 
Come join me…
Put on your RED shoes and… Let’s DANCE to Life ! 

A Meditation for You, because You deserve it!