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" I have to tell you this, I intended to just listen… But I ended up being riveted and soaked up every word… I could just feel the truth of what you were saying resonate through me. This was so good for me to do this. Especially since it went in a different direction than I originally thought, and I'm glad for that! Thank you, Coco !!! "


Coco, here. I hold a Master’s in Education (M.Ed), and am a former university professor, as well as corporate legal executive. (All in Paris France)

Now, I am a Meditation mentor & coach for independent, ambitious individuals who want time, energy AND financial freedom. 

At my daughter’s wedding, as her father delivered a beautifully put together presentation of our daughter’s younger years, and, to my astonishment, publicly announcing the “wonderful job I did raising her on my own”, yet, I was crushed, because, I, also, I realised there were no photos of her and I together.

It was in that very moment, I swore that no mother, not even another individual who has pushed through ALL the doors for their success,  should ever look back on their child’s growing years, or their life and have so few memories with themselves in it, because they were too busy doing everything by themselves, single-handedly. (The SuperHero title is overrated AND underpaid !) This is why I am committed to sharing with ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs around the world, simple Meditation Tools that avoid making this same error, and not only produce far faster results, but enjoy the benefits along the way !

I’m currently offering an Exclusive 4-week Course ! Application and details for your Exclusive Offer are a simple click of that yellow button, below.

~Coco 🔥💃🏻✨
(You know – The Bossass Babe that empowers others to shatter  precedents with the Principles, and reap the benefits of meditation tools that bring more Focus, Clarity and Energy !)